Irish Dance: My New Perspective

When I was caught up in the thick of it, I let my TCRG convince me of a lot of things that just weren’t true. My legs were too white, therefore they needed an artificial tan before any competition. My dress wasn’t sparkly enough. My dancing wasn’t graceful enough. I opened my mouth too much while dancing. Because I was so completely caught up in Irish dance culture, I couldn’t see how wrong she was and instead took note of every word. Now, I know she was wrong. Oh yes, everything she told me was technically right, but she was … Continue reading Irish Dance: My New Perspective

Irish Dance Basic Technique: 10 Things To Remember Every Time You Dance

If you’re taking Irish dance classes from a certified school, chances are you already know your basic technique. The sad thing is, there are many schools out there that do not have TCRG certified instructors. TCRG stands for Teagasc├│ir Choimisi├║in le Rinci Gaelacha (Gaelic: Commission Certified Irish Dance Teacher). Teachers who have qualified to receive TCRG certification have proven their skills in teaching traditional Irish dance. Unlike some Irish dance teachers, TCRGs will do a lot more than teach you a few cool moves they learned while watching Riverdance on PBS. In order to receive certification, potential TCRGs have to … Continue reading Irish Dance Basic Technique: 10 Things To Remember Every Time You Dance

TIP: Run-thru Feis Practice (It Won Me 1st Place!)

I’d never tried this until a couple months before Feile Denver. I’ve been in Preliminary Championship for 3 years now and not until I discovered this new form of practice did I win 1st place…